Shred Prep #2 - Preseason Skiing Exercise

By Tiffany Coletta

Sitting Side Stretch

Sitting Side Stretch

Sit on the floor with both legs folded to the left side.  Focus on keeping the right sit bone grounded as the stretch extends up and over toward the left.  Reach your right arm overhead as far as you can.  Do not let your back arch, and keep your abdominals gently engaged.  Allow the head to move as an extension of the spine.  Hold for five breaths and repeat on the opposite side.  This stretches the lateral trunk muscles, improves the ability to sidebend, and creates more efficient edging through turns.

The Sitting Side Stretch is the second preseason ski exercise in this 4 exercise series.  Look for our next post to include Reclined Twisting Back Stretch and Physioball Knee Tucks.   Excerpt from Outside Bozeman Magazine, Fall 2010 by Amy Pakula, DPT.

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