March 30, 2011 Seminar: Core Strengthening to Improve Performance and Prevent Back Pain

By Tiffany Coletta

Community Education Series – Free and Open to the Public

“Core Strengthening to Improve Performance and Prevent Back Pain”

Presented by Amy Pakula, DPT and Jeff Moore, DPT, MTC

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

6:30-7:30pm – Bozeman Public Library, Community Room

Back by popular demand, Amy Pakula, DPT and Jeff Moore, DPT, MTC will deliver a presentation on back pain which includes a discussion of:


•reasons the back is susceptible to injury in such a large portion of our population

•advice on postures/activities which may cause or prevent back pain.

•relevant anatomy of the trunk and hip areas


They will present valuable exercises to target the core region to reduce back pain. These exercises will be presented in levels of increasing difficulty so the novice and the more experienced individual will benefit. Pakula and Moore will provide a handout containing all of the exercises reviewed including written instructions on how to perform them.


Lastly, there will be a Q&A session so they can discuss different types of low back pain and answer any questions attendees have regarding their low back pain issues.


Coming in April, David Coletta, MPT, CMPT will present a discussion of TMJ and jaw pain.

Coming in May, Jason Lunden, DPT, SCS will present a sports-oriented discussion on injury prevention for runners.

"I adore everyone at Excel Physical Therapy. Over a 9 month period, Megan was not only my excellent physical therapist but she also became my friend and confidant. There are no words to express how much she helped me not only physically but mentally and emotionally to learn to cope with what proved to be a chronic, degenerative condition. Also, Nicole taught me more about my insurance coverage than the insurance company could have! Good luck to all of you and Thank You!" --Bozeman patient

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