Runner’s Clinic

A Specialized Program for Injury Treatment & Prevention

Whether you’re an ultra-running rockstar or champion of the cul-de-sac, you deserve to run pain-free. Through our Runner’s Clinic, our specialists keep you running strong and uninhibited. Up to 60% of running injuries occur while you’re training or racing. This makes them highly preventable. A typical runner will take a whopping 5,000+ steps during a 30-minute run. These recurrent forces can lead to breakdown of tendon, joint, or even bone. This is how injuries are formed, often sidelining you for weeks at a time.

We know you’re tough enough to grit your teeth and stride through the pain, but you shouldn’t have to. Not when there’s a team of professionals (and fellow running enthusiasts) ready to ensure your strongest miles are ahead of you.

Why Choose A Runner’s Clinic Appointment at Excel Physical Therapy?

Due to running’s repetitive nature, recovery is often delayed. To prevent common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shin splints, and IT band pain, the root cause needs to be identified. We have the training necessary to empower you to continue doing what you love, pain-free. And if we can help it, we’ll always take the “run while you rehab” route—helping you keep up your passion through a healing approach.

Our Runner’s Clinic Process

We start with a professional Running Evaluation. The Running Evaluation examines your biomechanics, taking a holistic approach to identify abnormalities in your form and weaknesses that can be the underlying injury cause. Our physical therapists develop a personalized treatment plan to address gait flaws and fine-tune your body for better running efficiency.

“Thank you for all of your help getting my IT band back into good shape this spring. I ran the Ridge Run and my legs felt great the whole way.”   –Excel PT Patient

What to Expect at Your Runner’s Clinic Appointment

  • Comprehensive physical therapy evaluation to assess your injury cause(s) or identify and prevent future injuries.
  • Running-specific muscle imbalance assessment; includes flexibility and strength testing.
  • Video analysis of running gait and biomechanics to detect problems in running form.
  • Footwear analysis and recommendations; analysis of foot structure and mechanics.
  • Running-specific treatment plan to heal your injury and enhance strength, flexibility and minimize risk of re-injury.
  • Manual Therapy, Mobilization/Manipulation, and possible Dry Needling are used to address tightness, pain and aid in recovery.

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Excel Physical Therapy Running Camps

Sometimes the best way to start running is not to put on your running shoes but instead attend one of our Excel Physical Therapy Running Camps—a free boot camp in early summer to help you start running correctly and avoid pain and injury. Excel Physical Therapy hosts this running camp at our Bozeman location at 1125 West Kagy Blvd., Ste. 101A (corner of South 11th Ave. and Kagy Blvd.).

Our Running Specialist PT Team will guide 30 participants through:

  • Appropriate stretching and strength exercises to prevent injury
  • How to choose the correct running shoes
  • Introduce proper training guidelines to reduce the risk of running injuries
  • A training run with the PT Team after the clinic sessions
  • Attendee’s will receive a running training program handout from our Running Specialist PT Team

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"Significant improvement - extremely positive therapeutic experience." --Bozeman Patient

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