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Free Climbing Injury Screens @ Spire Climbing Center 9/16/2015 6-9pm

Climbing unquestionably takes a toll on the body and many if not all climbers end up dealing with some type of injury each season. When our bodies tell us a break from climbing is mandatory, we often make the mistake … Continue reading

From our patients…

“Just when I thought that no one and nothing could help me take away the numbness in my fingers and neck pain, enter David Coletta and his treatment plan for me. A combination of dry needling, manipulation and mobilization treatments … Continue reading

Leg Length Differences-Does it Matter?

There is no doubt that leg length differences (LLDs) exist, but a lack of agreement exists about diagnosing the condition, their functional importance, and how to treat them.  How many of us have been to the physical therapist, massage therapist, … Continue reading

Recent Research on Patellofemoral Knee Pain – It’s All About the Angle

Do you have patellofemoral knee pain? A recent study by Christopher Powers et al. in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy suggests that knee angle during quadriceps strengthening exercises affects patellofemoral joint stress. Because excessive joint stress may … Continue reading

Pain on the Bottom of your Foot? Plantar Intrinsic Training is a Solution

Plantar Intrinsic Training by Matt Heyliger, DPT, Excel Physical Therapy Over-pronation (the inward roll of the foot while walking or running) is a common contributing factor in the development of several lower extremity injuries including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, patellafemoral … Continue reading

David Coletta’s Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Recovery Part 2

My Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Recovery ~ Part 2 of 3 Recovery As a physical therapist specializing in treatment of the spine, I had a great deal of experience with the physicians at Bridger Orthopedic & Sports Medicine.  … Continue reading

David Coletta’s Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Lessons Learned Part 3

My Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Lessons Learned ~ Part 3 of 3 Lessons Learned I believe that there was a silver lining or a purpose to why I experienced this cervical radiculopathy.  As health care practitioners, we sometimes … Continue reading

How Your Knees Can Predict the Weather

Our patients have found this information interesting so we are sharing the following article from the Wall Street Journal’s Health Journal:   How Your Knees Can Predict the Weather Granny was right: Scientists find link between achy joints and the … Continue reading

Torn Rotator Cuff? You may not need surgery…

A new multicenter prospective study (good evidence!) shows physical therapy is very effective in the treatment of full-thickness rotator cuff tears.  In the October issue of the “Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery”, JE Kuhn et al. showed that people … Continue reading

Effects of High Heels on Body

Now we love a good pair of heels too, but we saw this information and wanted to pass it on.  Perhaps worn more in moderation…. ”Ever wondered the effects of high heels on your feet and body? Often painstakingly selected to … Continue reading