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“Got to Keep on Moving” by Matt Heyliger, DPT

I have recently been thinking quite a bit about the importance of joint mobility, not strictly for function, but for joint health. In manual therapy, assessment of a given joint in the body always consists of consideration of joint mobility. … Continue reading

Free Climbing Injury Screens @ Spire Climbing Center 9/16/2015 6-9pm

Climbing unquestionably takes a toll on the body and many if not all climbers end up dealing with some type of injury each season. When our bodies tell us a break from climbing is mandatory, we often make the mistake … Continue reading

From our patients…

“Just when I thought that no one and nothing could help me take away the numbness in my fingers and neck pain, enter David Coletta and his treatment plan for me. A combination of dry needling, manipulation and mobilization treatments … Continue reading

Leg Length Differences-Does it Matter?

There is no doubt that leg length differences (LLDs) exist, but a lack of agreement exists about diagnosing the condition, their functional importance, and how to treat them.  How many of us have been to the physical therapist, massage therapist, … Continue reading

Recent Research on Patellofemoral Knee Pain – It’s All About the Angle

Do you have patellofemoral knee pain? A recent study by Christopher Powers et al. in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy suggests that knee angle during quadriceps strengthening exercises affects patellofemoral joint stress. Because excessive joint stress may … Continue reading

Pain on the Bottom of your Foot? Plantar Intrinsic Training is a Solution

Plantar Intrinsic Training by Matt Heyliger, DPT, Excel Physical Therapy Over-pronation (the inward roll of the foot while walking or running) is a common contributing factor in the development of several lower extremity injuries including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, patellafemoral … Continue reading

David Coletta’s Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Recovery Part 2

My Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Recovery ~ Part 2 of 3 Recovery As a physical therapist specializing in treatment of the spine, I had a great deal of experience with the physicians at Bridger Orthopedic & Sports Medicine.  … Continue reading

David Coletta’s Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Lessons Learned Part 3

My Personal Bout with Acute Neck Pain: Lessons Learned ~ Part 3 of 3 Lessons Learned I believe that there was a silver lining or a purpose to why I experienced this cervical radiculopathy.  As health care practitioners, we sometimes … Continue reading

How Your Knees Can Predict the Weather

Our patients have found this information interesting so we are sharing the following article from the Wall Street Journal’s Health Journal:   How Your Knees Can Predict the Weather Granny was right: Scientists find link between achy joints and the … Continue reading

Torn Rotator Cuff? You may not need surgery…

A new multicenter prospective study (good evidence!) shows physical therapy is very effective in the treatment of full-thickness rotator cuff tears.  In the October issue of the “Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery”, JE Kuhn et al. showed that people … Continue reading