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Truing Your Frame - Fit Your Bike to Avoid Injury from "Outside Bozeman"

By Jason Lunden, DPT, SCS

from Outside Bozeman Magazine

Spring 2014 Issue

Fit your bike to avoid injury

While cycling is relatively easy on your joints, because of the constrained position and

repetitive nature of the sport, it can be easy to develop overuse injuries.

These injuries are often attributed to ramping up training mileage too quickly or being improperly positioned on your bike. Training errors can be avoided by following a proper training schedule. Fitting your bike to your body—not the other way around—helps achieve proper positioning.

It’s best to see a professional bike-fitter at a physical therapy clinic or your local bike shop, but here are some tips to alleviate common pains associated with cycling.


Achilles’ Pain
Cause: foot positioned too far back on pedal
Solution: move foot forward on the pedal by moving your cleat further back

Arch Pain
Cause: foot positioned too far forward on pedal
Solution: move foot back on the pedal by moving your cleat further forward


Anterior Knee Pain
Cause: saddle too low and/or too far forward
Solution: move saddle up so there’s a slight bend in the knee at the bottom of the stroke

Posterior Knee Pain
Cause: saddle too low and/or too far back
Solution: move saddle so there is a moderate to slight bend in the knee


Lower Back Pain
Cause: stem too short
Solution: get a longer stem


Neck Pain
Cause: bars too low
Solution: raise your bars by getting a more upright stem or moving headset spacers from the top of the stem to the bottom

Jason Lunden is a board-certified clinical specialist in sports physical therapy at Excel Physical Therapy in Bozeman and a clinical BikeFit Pro Fitter. For more information on bike fitting or injury prevention, visit

Advanced Training News…we’re at it again!

By Tiffany Coletta

David Coletta performing a bike fitting David Coletta, physical therapist and co-owner of Excel Physical Therapy of Bozeman and Manhattan, recently completed the BikeFit Clinical Level 2 advanced training in Seattle, Washington.  His instruction included upper level road bike fitting and tri-bike/time trial bike fitting.  David provides bike fitting services out of the Bozeman location and offers both health insurance billing and cash pay options. 

Excel PT offering Free Bike Fitting Screenings at GVLT Longest Day of Trails 3-6pm

By Tiffany Coletta

Friday, June 20, 2014

Montana Ale Works from 3-6pm


David Coletta, MPT, CMPT and Jason Lunden, DPT, SCS of Excel Physical Therapy will be providing free Bike Fitting Screenings at the Longest Day of Trails Headquarters in Bozeman, Montana. Come by with your bike to learn how David and Jason can help fit your bike to your body. Reduce pain while riding as well as increase your cycling performance. Free Specialized water bottle with every free Excel PT Bike Fitting Screen!

Click Here for Excel Physical Therapy Professional Bike Fitting information.

This GVLT annual dawn-to-dusk (6am–10pm) bike-a-thon and membership drive takes places on the Friday in June nearest the Summer Solstice. It highlights GVLT’s work to expand, improve, and maintain our community trails. Headquartered at Montana Ale Works, the event features bike rides for all ages and abilities on Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains trails, with an evening celebration at Montana Ale Works and live music from Jawbone Railroad.

For a $35 donation to GVLT you receive a $5 gift certificate from Montana Ale Works and a wrist band to participate in the cycling activities. For a donation of $50 or more you will also receive a $5 gift certificate to Montana Ale Works, a wristband to participate in the cycling activities AND a gift certificate to a local retailer.

Click Here for more Longest Day of Trails event details and information.

Springtime Southside Saturdays...Let's hit the trails starting May 10th!

By Tiffany Coletta

Birds are chirping, sun is shining (today at least!) and snow is melting. Time to think about hitting the trails and moving our bodies with some springtime trail fun. Here’s a way to enjoy Southside Bozeman while supporting our beloved trails and the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. Southside Saturdays is brought to you from our friends at Outside Bozeman and Sola Café.

Southside Saturdays Outside Bozeman Sola Cafe

A springtime trail celebration to benefit GVLT.

Gurgling streams winding through aspen groves, mallards lifting off into the bright blue sky, smiling Bozemanites strolling beneath towering cottonwoods—these are the sights and sounds that await those who venture into Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains trail system. With nine miles of trails between Kagy and Goldenstein, and 50 miles between Main Street and the national-forest boundary south of town, there are countless acres of open space to explore.

Hike, run, or ride the southside trails, fuel up at Sola Café, and take a photo with an issue of Outside Bozeman. Each meal purchase and photo sends a buck to GVLT. It’s a springtime celebration in support of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), the organization responsible for the creation and maintenance of these and other in-town trails.

Event Details:
1. Sola meal purchase must be at least $7 to qualify for the one-dollar donation.
2. Photo must be taken on southside trails (between Main St. and Goldenstein). Upload photos below.
3. Event runs from the second Saturday in May through the end of June.
4. Kickoff celebration Saturday, May 10, 10am at Sola Cafe on the corner of Kagy & S. 3rd.
5. Best photo wins a nose-dive into the Outside Bozeman Treasure Chest.

GVLT southside trails outside bozeman main street to mountains

Grab a few friends and head to Sola Cafe for breakfast, then hit the trails. Photo by Tyler Call.
Outside Bozeman GVLT south side trails main street to mountains
©Gallatin Valley Land Trust 2014

 GVLT southside trails outside bozeman main street to mountains

Follow streams along fields of timothy and wheatgrass, in the shadow of towering cottonwood forests.
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Congrats to 2012 Jim Bridger Trail Run and Bohart Bash Athletes!

By Tiffany Coletta

Congratulations to our own Jason Lunden and Megan Peach for their great 2012 Jim Bridger Trail Run finishes!  Thank you to all of the athletes who ran the 10-mile race up Sypes Canyon through the Bridger Mountain Range and helped to support the Bridger Ski Foundation.  Kudos to the first female finisher, Laura Haelfeli who is the first woman in the 18-year run history to cross the finish line!


The 2012 Bohart Bash Mountain Biking Race also was led by a few fellow Bridger Ski Foundation athletes we know and congratulate all the competitors for a job well done on the trails of Bohart Ranch.

"In 4 weeks, I increased my single leg triple jump distance by a meter on my ACL surgery leg! It feels great!" --Bozeman Client

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