We completely understand that some clients may have a fear of physical therapy treatment because they have never experienced it before. It’s completely understandable to have reservations when you may experience pain or there’s an unknown outcome. 
We will meet you where you are in your care journey. 
Everyone from our front office team to each physical therapist here at Excel Physical Therapy also understands this possible concern. Please feel free to share your concerns and communicate with your physical therapist if you are nervous or need more time and explanation about your treatment plan. 
We are happy to provide you with the needed information to help you feel better about your treatment issue, diagnosis and your treatment plan of care. 
We strive to be good listeners too. Every member of the Excel Physical Therapy team is here to help you. Please let us know how we can best help you.

"The therapies given were appropriate to my husband's condition and were accompanied by clear explanations, purposes, and goals of all of the procedures. We thank you one and all." --Excel PT Manhattan Patient

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