Excel Physical Therapy providers use Switchback Health to deliver and manage your home physical therapy exercise program. Switchback Health is a web-based application designed to help ensure you are doing your prescribed exercises correctly and with the correct frequency designed by your physical therapist.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. You will receive a welcome email from Switchback Health after we register you in our front office.
  2. In your welcome email, Click on the CLICK Here link and then create a password.
  3. Follow-on screen prompts to create a password and you are all set!

Your email address and password are all you need to log into the Switchback Health app or from the switchbackhealth.com web page. You can access your exercise plan from anywhere, anytime and on your preffered device -laptop, phone, iPad, etc.

Switchback Benefits:

Troubleshooting Tips:

Still need more help? Our front office team is happy to help. Stop by the front desk or call us anytime.


"Megan was very helpful and clear with the expectations and treatments in the recovery process." --Bozeman Patient 

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