Dry Needling Treatment

Why Choose a Certified Physical Therapist for Dry Needling Treatments?

We believe physical therapists certified in dry needling are uniquely qualified to treat pain caused by trigger points and inflammation within muscle. Because we deal with musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction daily, physical therapists have a specialized understanding of dry needling as one tool in a comprehensive treatment plan.

At Excel Physical Therapy, only physical therapists certified in dry needling treat patients with this technique. David Coletta, MPT,  CPMT and Jason Lunden, DPT, SCS are certified in dry needling for Lumbopelvic & Lower Extremity Conditions and for Craniofacial, Cervicothoracic & Upper Extremity Conditions. Both advanced training and certification programs are from the Dry Needling Institute of American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. Jackie Oliver, DPT, is also certified in dry needling for the neck, low back, and extremities through KinetaCore.

What Exactly Is Dry Needling?

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Dry Needling is a skilled intervention, utilized by physical therapists and other certified medical professionals, to ease pain. This form of western medicine is done by inserting a thin filament needle into the muscle, myofascial trigger points, and connective tissue.

While it’s understandable to feel anxious about your first Dry Needling experience, most patients only experience brief and mild discomfort during the treatment. After a few visits, many patients grow more comfortable and relaxed with this treatment as positive results are gained.

Does Scientific Evidence Support Dry Needling?

Dry needling has been practiced worldwide for over 40 years. The treatment is based on our extensive knowledge of physiology, anatomy, neurology and understanding of neuropathic pain. On a personal level, it’s been a privilege to watch dry needling work as part of comprehensive treatment plans that have changed our clients’ health for the better.

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“Jason, Thank you for helping me with my Bike Fit! I am happy to report that I have done several long rides – and I’m PAIN FREE!…I am ecstatic!” –Bozeman patient

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"I adore everyone at Excel Physical Therapy. Over a 9 month period, Megan was not only my excellent physical therapist but she also became my friend and confidant. There are no words to express how much she helped me not only physically but mentally and emotionally to learn to cope with what proved to be a chronic, degenerative condition. Also, Nicole taught me more about my insurance coverage than the insurance company could have! Good luck to all of you and Thank You!" --Bozeman patient

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