Massage Therapy

Excel Physical Therapy offers wellness and medical massage therapy services in our Bozeman office. Schedule online at or call us at 406.556.0562

Excel Physical Therapy presents Excel Massage. We are pleased to offer therapeutic massage therapy appointments to complement our physical therapy services. 

Excel Massage features a warm, relaxing atmosphere that creates a transformative experience for our clients. Excel Massage is located in the second floor loft of the Excel Physical Therapy building located at the corner of South 19th and College streets. 

Our clients are delighted to see our experienced massage therapists along with an integrated physical therapy treatment plan or for independent wellness massage appointments.  

Clients are welcome to schedule relaxing wellness massage sessions anytime without a physical therapy treatment plan.

Britnee Harper, LMT, James Beaudry, LMT and Emma Winske, LMT provide personalized massage therapy experiences. Specialties include sports massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapies, Swedish and deep tissue massage. 

Excel Massage offers wellness (cash pay pricing) and medical massage (insurance billing) where we bill auto and worker’s compensation policies when there is medical necessity in your treatment plan. 

Save with wellness massage session packages available on our page. Digital eGift cards are available anytime too.
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Emma Winske, LMT photo

Emma Winske, LMT

A love of nature and adventure brought me from Wisconsin to Montana in 2016 for a season of trail work. I became enchanted with the Bozeman area over those months of hiking, camping, backpacking, and building new trails. I was amazed by the level of dedication to outdoor activities I continuously observed from the people in this area. I had never been part of such an active, outdoor-oriented community, and knew this was the place for me.

After deciding to stick around, I started thinking about the kind of meaningful work I wanted to contribute to my new community. I loved the idea of helping people feel great in their bodies, and my research lead me to the Health Works School of Massage Therapy. Since completing this program, I have been honing my skills in the Bozeman area and am excited to continue impacting my clients’ wellbeing at Excel Massage.

I utilize massage therapy to assist my clients in their health journey, whether they are recovering from injury or surgery, working on reducing stress, or maintaining an active lifestyle and helping to prevent injury. Each person is unique, and therefore every massage I give is unique to that individual’s needs. I use a combination of Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue techniques to achieve the desired outcomes.

James Beaudry, LMT photoJames Beaudry, LMT

I decided to pursue massage therapy after experiencing the benefits first-hand. I had some crippling injuries from working manual labor and powerlifting in my early and mid-20’s. After effective massage treatment sessions, I was on my way to full range of movement and being pain-free. 

This was a turning point for me. I wanted to help people who were having their life impaired by pain and mobility issues like I had been. 

By taking a scientific and evidence-based approach I have been able to help my clients reduce their pain and help prevent further injury. I utilize Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, MFR (also known as Myofascial Release), Neuromuscular Therapy, Kinesio Taping and MET (Muscle Energy Technique).

Britnee Harper, LMT photoBritnee Harper, LMT

Britnee is presently taking a sabbatical. We look forward to her return to Excel Massage soon!

My focus is treatment based Massage Therapy and Structural Integration to relieve pain and bring alignment into the body.  My passion for Massage Therapy began about 10 years ago when I experienced the connection between yoga and bodywork as an alternative to pain relief. 

Throughout my career, I have been able to travel, learn from incredible people and follow my other passions.  I lived in Big Sky, where I worked as a Massage Therapist at a Spa and was able to snowboard almost every day.  Then, I lived in Jackson, WY. for 3 years, where I worked with a Rolfer that taught me the techniques and benefits of fascial manipulation and structural integration.  After that, I moved to Byron Bay, Australia, where I learned to surf and worked in an energy healing kinesiology clinic providing a more treatment-oriented massage.  After a year in Austrailia, the mountains called to me and I moved to Wanaka, New Zealand where I spent six months snowboarding in the Southern Alps and working in a sports clinic specializing in treating competitive road bikers and swimmers.  This is where I learned specialized techniques for treating injuries in the shoulder girdle and I was able to take my skills to the next level.

The last stop was Japan, where I snowboarded the most snow I’ve ever seen and worked in a Physio clinic treating skiers.  Now, my partner and I have since started a family, and have moved back to Bozeman where I have taught Swedish Massage at HealthWorks Institute in addition to my massage practice.  I love sharing my love and commitment to helping people relieve pain in a more natural way.

Wellness Massage – Cash pay pricing and session packages

Please call us for cash pay pricing for wellness massage appointments. Save with massage session packages! You can share an eGift card anytime too.

Medical Massage – Insurance billing

We bill auto and worker’s compensation policies when there is medical necessity for medical massage therapy during your treatment plan. If your commercial plan offers massage therapy coverage, we can bill your plan for you too. 

Please call our Bozeman office at 406.556.0562 if you have more questions about these billing options. Our friendly front office team is here to help you!

James’ work moved my progress forward exponentially.”

— Bozeman Massage Client

Britnee is a remarkable therapist. She listens to the patient’s concerns and the patient’s body.”

— Bozeman Massage Client

“This was my first massage at Excel Massage, and it was amazing. Emma was great! I walked in with very tense shoulders, and upper back and I left feeling so much better! I highly recommend her! ”

— Bozeman Massage Client


For your first massage session with Excel Massage, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete your registration.

To reschedule an appointment,  Log into your Schedulicity account or Call our office at 406.556.0562. We prefer you don’t communicate schedule changes via email. 

Cancellation policy: Please provide our office 24 business hours notice (7:30am-6:00pm, Mon thru Fri) to reschedule an appointment. 

No Show policy: Clients who do not attend a scheduled appointment are responsible for the full scheduled massage value.

Late Cancel policy: Clients who do not provide our office with 24 business hours notice (7:30am-6:00pm, Mon thru Fri) to change a scheduled appointment are responsible for half of the scheduled massage value.

Late Arrival policy: Clients who arrive late to their massage appointment are responsible for the full price of the massage scheduled value at the time of service. 

We reserve your appointment time just for you. Thank you for providing our massage therapists with this courtesy. We look forward to caring for you soon!

I went to three other PT clinics, two orthopedic surgeons, and several other practitioners before I was referred to you. In a few short weeks at your clinic, my neck and back pain is dramatically improved, I understand my problem, and now have the correct exercises so that I can help myself.”-Bozeman Patient

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