Work Site Injury Solutions

Our physical therapists provide Gallatin Valley companies with on-site employee screening appointments that focus on injury prevention and management in a consistent, friendly and professional manner. We customize work site solutions to help employers realize tangible cost savings by avoiding expensive worker’s compensation claims with early staff intervention.

Work Site Injury Prevention – Our work site solutions include pre-employment screenings and employee safety and education consultation and training. Our team also advises on ergonomic improvements making work stations and work practices safer for employees. Our team delivers highly effective safety and educational presentations that are customized to meet the needs of our employer client’s specific employee injury prevention and management needs.

Pre-Employment Screenings – Pre-employment screenings help to identify any possible existing problems and impact on the physical requirements of a prospective employee’s job and safety risks. Pre-employement screenings also include education and testing for safe lifting techniques and body mechanics along with range of motion and strength testing. Pre-employment screenings are customized for your company’s specific job requirements.

Call David Coletta, MPT, CMPT at 406.556.0562 to learn how we can help your company and employees work smarter and safer with our Work Site Injury Prevention services.

Work Injury Management – When an employee is injured, our physical therapists provide a comprehensive team approach with your employee, an employee’s referring provider and worker’s compensation insurance company. We work in cooperation with these professionals, regularly communicating with them and providing updates, to quickly and functionally return your employee to work with a coordinated treatment plan while following the Montana Utilization and Treatment Guidelines. The purpose of the Guidelines is to assist injured workers in receiving prompt and appropriate care, assist injured workers in a stay-at-work/return-to-work options, assist clinicians in making decisions for specific conditions, and help insurers make reimbursement determinations.

Call to schedule an appointment in our Bozeman location at 406.556.0562 or Manhattan location at 406.284.4262 for a comprehensive worker’s compensation injury evaluation and treatment plan with a member of our physical therapy team.



Thank you to our patients who share their success stories with us.  The following update is from a Bozeman patient of ours who recently completed rehab with Jason following knee surgery.    After her surgery and rehab, she completed demanding hikes in the Highland Mary Lakes and Grand Turk regions in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  She writes to Jason "...Again, my thanks for your persistence and ability to prescribe what was needed."    Congratulations to D.H. for taking on these demanding long-distance hikes with elevations up to 12,400 feet!  May her inspiring endeavor be an inspiration to others and especially, you, as well!

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