Climbing Lab

Climbing Lab

Why choose a climbing lab session at Excel Physical Therapy?


The Excel Climbing Lab offers climbers a specialized physical therapy appointment to improve your climbing and mitigate current or future injuries. Each visit is guided by a doctor of physical therapy with a passion and expertise specific to climbing. We provide a host of climbing related services to meet you where you are and progress you toward your next big climb – whether you’re just getting into the sport, or you compete at an elite level. Not sure if it’s a good fit? – start with a free discovery session with one of our climbing lab team members.

What to expect at your Excel Climbing Lab appointment?

  • • Comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy evaluation or follow-up session
  • • Slow motion video analysis with biomechanical review
  • • Functional strength, mobility, and skill assessments
  • • Training on proper warm-up, supplemental exercise,and self-care strategies
  • • Professional advice on program development and training progressions

How to prepare for my Excel Climbing Lab appointment?

  • • Schedule here or call to schedule – if you are coming in with an injury, your PT may first take you through an orthopedic evaluation to determine the best rehab plan of care for you before diving into your climbing.
  • • Bring climbing shoes and chalk
  • • Wear clothing that allows for observation of your shoulder blades while climbing
  • • You are welcome to come in already warmed-up if you want to have more time for climbing and discussion
  • • Email your physical therapist if you would like to provide additional context on your climbing background, injury, or goals prior to your session.

AJ Sobrilsky, DPT, OCS, Climbing Coach  

“For me climbing has been the most powerful way to express myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. The passion I’ve found within the sport and community of climbing is likely why I’ve found it such a rewarding endeavor. My drive to serve and provide the community can be seen through my work as a coach with Climb Strong, consulting on training and injuries nationally and internationally with athletes, and presenting at professional medical and coaching seminars and conferences. Whether it’s making sure you mitigate the potential for injury, need help managing climbing related complaints, or want to push the performance training side of the sport I’m here to help.”

Todd Bushman, DPT, CSCS, COMT  

“I enjoy most disciplines of climbing including trad, sport, bouldering, alpine, and ice. I moved to Bozeman with my family in February of 2021 to live and work  where we play. The Excel Climbing Lab was also a big part of what drew me here. I enjoy analyzing the movement of climbers, providing education on technique, and optimizing body awareness to be more efficient on the wall. Working through the nuance that each individual climber presents with is something I never get tired of as I seek to individualize a rehab or training program that fits an individual’s goals.”

Read more from Todd:

Lisa Palomaki, DPT  

“I started climbing in 2017 while in grad school in Salt Lake City – it  was a fun and easy way to hang out with my new friends in PT school, who were, bizarrely, ALL climbers. What started as a casual hobby quickly turned into a major part of my life. Since then I’ve climbed in a handful of the big name places in the US, and have a constantly growing bucket list of areas to check out. What I love about treating climbing athletes in a PT setting is their motivation, attention to detail, and drive for success. It’s both challenging and fun to analyze movement on and off the wall in order to pinpoint areas that might need a little extra love and attention. I am stoked to help people of all different levels accomplish their climbing-related goals. “


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