Professional Bike Fitting

Why Choose a Professional Bike Fitting at Excel Physical Therapy?

At Excel, your Bike Fitting is performed by a medical professional. While we’re happy to tweak your seat height, we specialize in a much more complex fit than what you’d expect from a local bike shop. Our highly trained therapists delve in to find the root cause of any pain or dysfunction you may be having from an ill-fitting bike. If you’re riding through discomfort caused by previous injuries or movement abnormalities, we can help. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the most profound differences. Our medical approach uncovers exactly what adjustments will make your riding experience one of positioned perfection. This is often covered by your medical insurance. Let our medical professionals make the changes you need to get back to pain-free cycling.

How Can a Professional Bike Fitting Help Me?

Whether you’re a cat 2 racer, mountain biker, or a complete novice, a professional bike fitting can make all the difference in the quality of your ride. Better alignment is sometimes the difference of millimeters, but it’s those millimeters that move you toward perfect alignment, reduce stress on the body and increase performance.

What to Expect from an Excel Physical Therapy Bike Fitting:

  • Physical therapy evaluation performed by a specialized PT. Be sure to bring your bike and bike gear!
  • Comprehensive muscle and joint assessment
  • Exercise prescription for injury prevention and pain reduction
  • Dynamic and static bike positioning assessment
  • Adjustments for correct positioning of saddle, cleat/pedal, and handlebars
  • Video analysis to detect problems in cycling form
  • Typically involves 1 to 2 visits, lasting 1 to 1.5 hours

Will insurance cover my Bike Fitting?

Your medical insurance typically covers physical therapy pertaining to a medical diagnosis such as neck pain, knee tendonitis, etc. If you’re in pain while cycling, we’re usually able to bill your insurance for our services. If you don’t have medical insurance, call us about our Cash Pay Bike Fitting rates today.

Are you ready for a Professional Bike Fitting?

Call our Bozeman office at 406.556.0562 and ask to schedule your Professional Bike Fit.

As a certified Sports Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist, Jason has done a great deal of work in the Bozeman cycling community. His dedication to cyclists’ health led him to become a Certified Bike Fitter, and to teach nationwide seminars educating other professionals on the benefits of bike fitting. Jason’s philosophy on bike fitting revolves around adjusting the bike to fit the rider. He loves helping the Bozeman cycling community get back to doing what they enjoy, and doing so with less chance of re-injury. When he’s not treating Bozeman’s bikers, he’s racing for team Multerro in a number of local events.

When it comes to Bike Fitting, few are more qualified than David Coletta. Not only does he have the technical and medical prowess to accurately execute bike fitting, he’s an avid cyclist. David has been a member of the cycling community for over 30 years, racing competitively in road events around Bozeman. Through continuing education, he’s earned bike fitting certification through the Bike Fit Corporation, the industry leader in bike fitting education. His approach to bike fitting looks at each rider individually to address their personal needs for a more tailored fit to improve the quality of their ride.

"I appreciate Megan always running on schedule (In addition to everything else!)" --L.T., Bozeman client

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