Gift Cards

The best gift is always better health and wellness. 

Send it now with Instant eGift options. Square plastic gift cards available in clinic. 


Instant. Thoughtful. Stress-free.

They receive your gift via email, text, or printout (hello sustainable, plastic-free gift!).

Square – Click Here for Massages Appointment eGifts only. No additional fee to you or your giftee.

Giftfly –   Click Here for Massage and Specialized Physical Therapy sessions: Bike Fitting, Running Clinic, Climbing Lab and Ski Injury Prevention & Performance. No additional fee to you or your giftee.

eGift details:
  • Your eGift never expires and has no additional fees. 
  • Sustainable tangible option: Print your eGift & give and/or mail it in your chosen physical card to your giftee. Square plastic cards are available in clinic if you prefer 🙂 
  • Send an eGift from any device to anyone in seconds with instant notification.
  • Square uses email notifications only to your giftee. Giftfly uses text and email notification options to your giftee. Please make sure your giftee has received their eGift email due to some recipient’s email spam settings.

Call us at 406-556-0562 with any questions.

"Keep doing what you're doing." -- S.J., Bozeman patient

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