Give an eGift appointment

Give the gift of health and wellness! Send an instant eGift thru our Square or Giftfly links below.  Our helpful front office team members can also process an eGift for you over the phone for your special someone.

**Please note that we have chosen to provide digital eGift “cards” to reduce landfill and ocean waste with one-time use plastic cards. If you would like to give someone a tangible gift, please consider emailing yourself the eGift, printing it and then including the email eGift notification in a physical card for your giftee. Thank you for your understanding and helping us in the small way to protect our environment.


  1. Square – Click Here for Massages Appointment eGifts only. There is no additional fee to you or your giftee.
  2. Giftfly –   Click Here for Massage and Physical Therapy Appointment eGifts: Bike Fitting, Running Clinic, Climbing Lab and Wellness Assessment. There is no additional fee to you or your giftee.
Both options:
  • Your eGift never expires and is free to use.
  • Still want a tangible gift? Print your eGift & give and/or mail it in your chosen physical card to your giftee. 
  • Send an eGift from any device to anyone in seconds with instant notification.
  • Square uses email notifications only to your giftee. Giftfly uses text and email notification options to your giftee. Please make sure your giftee has received their eGift email due to some recipient’s email spam settings.
  • Questions? Call us. We’re here to help you.

"Thank you for being so accommodating with appointment times." --Manhattan Patient

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