Could you benefit from a bike fit evaluation?

Overuse Injuries

Cycling is a great endurance sport, which is relatively easy on your joints.  Overuse injuries are less prevalent in cycling than in running, but they can and do occur, particularly in the hands/wrists, spine, hip, knee, and lower leg. Overuse injuries occur when there is repetitive motion and/or stress over a period of time.  In cycling, for example the knee flexes and extends >5,000 times during a 1 hour ride.  So, if your bike isn’t at the optimal set-up, your knee could undergo asymmetrical stresses.  These asymmetrical stresses can lead to irritation of the tissues of the knee leading to pain, and if not treated properly, ultimately lead to lasting disability (i.e. the inability to bike without pain).

By Jason Lunden, DPT, SCS