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Spotlight on Community Event ~ Mountain Belles Navigation Clinic

Here’s a tip on an upcoming local event sponsored by the Mountain Belles that will help you find yourself after you Get Lost in Montana.  Mountain Belles is a non-profit organization run by women, for women.  They welcome women in Bozeman and surrounding areas of all ages (21 and up) and abilities to join them in friendship, activity, learning and adventure. All […]

Prevention! See Us Before Your Injury

Why wait until after you are injured to see a physical therapist? Did you know that a great time to see a physical therapist is before you are injured? I recently evaluated a patient who wanted to see a physical therapist to learn a home exercise program to prevent future episodes of low back pain. Orthopedic physical therapists are trained in […]

Sign up for GVLT’s Make Tracks for Trails Skiathon 2-28-2016

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust is gearing up for the 21st annual Make Tracks for Trails Skiathon.  Excel Physical Therapy is committed to giving back to our community and we are proud to help sponsor the GVLT! Raise at least $50 in pledges, then join the GVLT on Sunday, February 28, 2016, at the Lindley Center.  Registration begins at 9:30 and and […]

Injury Prevention in Nordic Skiing: Elbow & Shoulder Pain

Due to the repetitive stress from poling, Nordic skiers can develop overuse injuries of both the elbow and/or the shoulder. The most common of these are medial epicondylitis and shoulder impingement syndrome.   The underlying cause of the development of these injuries is multi-factorial: poling technique, pole length, and poor strength and conditioning.   Shoulder impingement […]

Injury Prevention in Nordic Skiing: Knee Pain

Patellofemoral pain, or anterior knee pain, is the most common type of knee pain in Nordic skiing.   Repetitive stress to the soft tissue around the patella (knee cap) occurs due to poor tracking of the patella in the femoral groove.  This poor tracking can be the result of hip weakness causing poor control of movement […]

Injury Prevention in Nordic Skiing: Lower Back Pain

Low back pain has been found to be more common in cross-country skiers, than non-athletic controls1.   Compared to skate skiing, low back pain is more prevalent in classic skiing because of the repetitive flexion-extension loading pattern of double poling.  In addition to making sure your technique is sound, it is important to make sure you […]

Injury Prevention in Nordic Skiing: Technique

Often I think Nordic (cross-country) skiing is the perfect sport for fitness.  Nordic skiing is a great workout and way to enjoy the outdoors in winter.  Plus, it has a very low injury rate.  In fact compared to alpine skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing has 20X fewer severe injuries and 5X fewer injuries overall.1   […]

Technique & the Prevention of Alpine Ski Injuries: Part 4

Nearly all injuries in alpine skiing are classified as traumatic, or due to a fall.  As mentioned earlier, under Strength & Injury Prevention, the majority of knee injuries in alpine skiing occur on the left knee.   Therefore it is important to work on your ski technique to be able to turn equally well to your right and […]

Equipment and the Prevention of Alpine Ski Injuries: Part 3

To reduce your risk of injury it is important to make sure your bindings are properly mounted and maintained.  Your ski is effectively a long lever arm and if your ski does not release properly it will put a tremendous amount of force through your knee.  Therefore it is important to make sure your DIN […]