Spotlight on Community Event ~ Mountain Belles Navigation Clinic

Here’s a tip on an upcoming local event sponsored by the Mountain Belles that will help you find yourself after you Get Lost in Montana.  Mountain Belles is a non-profit organization run by women, for women.  They welcome women in Bozeman and surrounding areas of all ages (21 and up) and abilities to join them in friendship, activity, learning and adventure.

All of us here at Excel Physical Therapy are all about the outdoors and movement so we think this is a pretty cool organization: 

Thursday, April 21  6:00PM – 8:00PM. NAVIGATION CLINIC #1.  
“If you don’t know where you are, you’ll probably end up elsewhere”

PictureLena Conlan, of Crossing Latitudes and Mountain Belle Board Member, will host this 2 hour class.  This event is for all Mountain Belles – whether you consider yourself an excellent navigator and map-reader or you have never held a map in your hand before. Navigation Clinic I is the first of two clinics. This first clinic is all indoors and we will cover the basics of charts, topographic maps and compass use. What’s the difference? What does the different symbols on the map mean? How do you orient the map? What’s a contour line? What are the parts of a compass? How to take a compass bearing? Why shall I bother when my phone has a GPS? Etc. In this first class we will look at routes for the upcoming Navigation Clinic II. We will map out our route, the distance, the ups and downs, potential hazards etc. Navigation Clinic II will be an outside event with a hike from Sypes Canyon to Mount Baldy. We hope all ladies from the first clinic will be able to to join clinic II. Folks who could not join the first clinic are still welcome on clinic II.

E-mail Lena at to sign up.

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