Springtime Southside Saturdays…Let’s hit the trails starting May 10th!

Birds are chirping, sun is shining (today at least!) and snow is melting. Time to think about hitting the trails and moving our bodies with some springtime trail fun. Here’s a way to enjoy Southside Bozeman while supporting our beloved trails and the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. Southside Saturdays is brought to you from our friends at Outside Bozeman and Sola Café.

Southside Saturdays Outside Bozeman Sola Cafe

A springtime trail celebration to benefit GVLT.

Gurgling streams winding through aspen groves, mallards lifting off into the bright blue sky, smiling Bozemanites strolling beneath towering cottonwoods—these are the sights and sounds that await those who venture into Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains trail system. With nine miles of trails between Kagy and Goldenstein, and 50 miles between Main Street and the national-forest boundary south of town, there are countless acres of open space to explore.

Hike, run, or ride the southside trails, fuel up at Sola Café, and take a photo with an issue of Outside Bozeman. Each meal purchase and photo sends a buck to GVLT. It’s a springtime celebration in support of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), the organization responsible for the creation and maintenance of these and other in-town trails.

Event Details:
1. Sola meal purchase must be at least $7 to qualify for the one-dollar donation.
2. Photo must be taken on southside trails (between Main St. and Goldenstein). Upload photos below.
3. Event runs from the second Saturday in May through the end of June.
4. Kickoff celebration Saturday, May 10, 10am at Sola Cafe on the corner of Kagy & S. 3rd.
5. Best photo wins a nose-dive into the Outside Bozeman Treasure Chest.

GVLT southside trails outside bozeman main street to mountains

Grab a few friends and head to Sola Cafe for breakfast, then hit the trails. Photo by Tyler Call.
Outside Bozeman GVLT south side trails main street to mountains
©Gallatin Valley Land Trust 2014

 GVLT southside trails outside bozeman main street to mountains

Follow streams along fields of timothy and wheatgrass, in the shadow of towering cottonwood forests.
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