Ask Our PT – ACL Knee Surgery

Question:  I just had ACL surgery on my knee.  What can I expect to happen during my PT visits and when can I start coming to PT?


Ask Our PT Answer:  Physical Therapy will begin shortly after surgery.  Exactly how soon after surgery will depend on your orthopaedic surgeon’s protocol.  Some physicians want physical therapy initiated the day after surgery whereas others wait a bit longer.  Therapy will consist initially of gentle exercises to restore range of motion and strength to your knee.  Again the exact progression will depend on the guidelines offered by your surgeon.


After several weeks more aggressive strengthening will be included in your physical therapy program to ensure that your functional abilities are 100% restored.  Often times in the later stages you will be given exercises that are sport specific to reduce any risk of re-injuring the knee when you return to your favorite activities.

Jeff Moore, DPT, MTC

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By Tiffany Coletta