Shred Prep #3 – Reclined Twisting Back Stretch

Reclined Twisting Back Stretch

Here is the next preseason Skiing Exercise in the Shred Prep series: Reclined Twisting Back Stretch


Lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms stretched out to the sides, just below shoulder height.  Bend your right knee and hip until your thigh is upright and your shin is parallel to the floor.  Take your right knee across your body toward the floor on the other side.  Hold for five breaths and repeat on the opposite side.  (Alternative: place a small ball under the right knee and gently engage the inner thigh muscles to maintain contact with the ball as you circle the right arm.  This alternative promotes dissociation of the upper and lower trunk, which is necessary when keeping shoulders pointed downhill, allowing the lower trunk to rotate and drive turns.  Repeat on the opposite side.)

By Tiffany Coletta